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Bring Joy to Shelter Dogs!

Help us provide dogs with the space to run, play, and learn.

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On a sunny morning in mid-March, an excited bully-blend leads a pack of dogs in a race around a rectangular fenced yard, splashing through the wading pool. Ears flapping and tails wagging, they are definitely having the time of their lives!

In one of the small-dog areas, a frisky senior Chihuahua and a spunky terrier mix have paired off to give chase around a sandpit after a yellow tennis ball. A sweet gray poodle wriggles on her back in the grass as a sugar-faced Doxie relaxes under the shade structure on the lap of a nice lady taking videos of all the action.

It could be a typical spring day at a neighborhood dog park. But it's not.

These dogs are waiting for a home of their own, and the time they spend having fun means the world to them right now. Playing and relaxing outdoors can make all the difference in a shelter dog's quality of life and positively impact their chance at finding a forever family.

This is the Hearts Alive Village play yard, and at the moment, it's our Canine Construction Zone.

Every morning, Hearts Alive Village staff and volunteers will lead dogs out of their kennels and into these special play yards. Pups can socialize with other dogs who match their energy under the supervision of trained monitors. OR if they prefer the company of people, it's the perfect time for a game of fetch or tug, or just laying in the bone-shaped pool, watching the clouds float by.

Over the course of a day, the “Minis,” the “Rowdies," and the "Mellows" will take their turns, playing and running to their little heart's desire. When playtime has ended by late afternoon, the main kennel area (which houses about 30 dogs), will be filled with tuckered-out pups catching an afternoon nap. The play yards will bring day after day of exercise, sunshine, and the enrichment dogs need for their mental and physical health.

Grading, plumbing and irrigation, fencing, shade structures, pools, and more are needed to make this a reality. Your gift today will help create spaces that will bring joy and improve the quality of life for countless shelter dogs for years and years to come!!

With your help, we won't have to just imagine!