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It's a sad fact, but 98% of all potbellied pigs are rehomed.

Often marketed as “mini pigs,” while potbellied pigs are smaller than the standard farm pig, they still grow to between 90 and 150 lbs. Most “mini pig” buyers don’t expect this and aren’t prepared to handle these animals. When their owners realize what they’ve gotten themselves into, shelters and rescues become overrun with surrendered pigs.

The Piggy Village is a foster-based initiative created to save pigs from the shelter and abandonment in the desert, and educate people about the reality of owning a potbellied pig.

Veterinary care for pigs is harder to come by, and even basic care such as a spay or neuter is more expensive than for a dog or cat. Your donation will go to veterinary care for these amazing animals, and food for them while they live with a foster and await their future family.

Thank you for your support!