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We can save 700 lives this kitten season

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

$275 towards $1,000

Together we can save 700 lives this kitten season!

Kitten season is a frenzied time at across the country and at Hearts Alive Village. Every day we get multiple calls from the shelter and the public about little ones who need a solution fast! Please help us provide these vulnerable babies what they need to survive and thrive. Last year our village was able to save nearly 600 kittens! Every little life that was saved was an astounding success story, but it came at an astounding cost. Approximately $60,000.00 was needed to provide in spay/neuters, microchips, vaccines, snap tests, life saving vet care for upper respiratory, ringworm, and specialty surgeries.

Every dollar was worth the result! Healthy and special needs babies got a chance at life, love and family. It's what we live for at Hearts Alive Village. Please join me in giving hundreds of more that opportunity to live! Every life matters and every dollar does, too!

Thank you for your support!