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Hello all!

My name is Malia, and I am a local foster mom raising money for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas. I am hoping that by sharing my personal experience of fostering for HAVLV, you will possibly want to help lend a helping hand to this wonderful organization.

I want to tell you about my very first experience working with Hearts Alive Village, because that alone illustrates the exact kind of people and values that make up this organization.

Late last December, I had stumbled across a Craigslist ad for 8 week old kittens that were being given away for free, still intact (not spayed or neutered), and without any vaccines. The individual giving them away noted that one of the kittens was missing part of their hind leg, but had not yet been evaluated by a veterinarian. The kittens were being marketed as "Christmas presents". I knew those kittens desperately needed out of that situation, but I still needed a rescue to sponsor their care, including veterinary care for the 3 legged kitten. I reached out to my friend, who gave me the personal cell phone number of Hearts Alive Village's founder, Christy.

On New Years Eve 2018, at about 8-9 PM, I sent her a single text introducing myself, briefly explaining the situation, and asking that HAVLV could please help. Christy did not know me, she did not know the kittens, this could have ended up as a very expensive orthopedic case, and yet she still, without question, said yes.

That response is precisely why I wanted to not only participate in this fundraiser and help Hearts Alive meet their goal, but to also show people how truly wonderful this organization is. That simple "yes" perfectly illustrates the kind of values that Hearts Alive stands behind- an absolute unquestioning devotion to saving lives. It takes a lot of work, a lot of cooperation between rescuers, and a lot of financial backing, but they demonstrate every day that changing the lives of humans and their companion animals is possible.

Please consider contributing to the heroic work that they do, and to helping save more lives.

(Photo courtesy of Erica Danger.)