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Tough times for people, tougher times for pets...

Cecil is a disabled Army Veteran with a wicked sense of humor. He just has one issue: He doesn't have much money. Cecil has an adorable Shih Tzu named Freebie. This girl is as devoted to Cecil and he is to her.

"She's my best buddy"

The love for his dog is so great that if all he had to eat was a hamburger, he'd give Freebie the patty. There have been times he's done just that.

We need to come together and help struggling people, seniors, and veterans like Cecil so they don't have to set aside their own needs during this time. The last thing any of us wants is to see people surrender their pets, knowing at least they can get a meal in a shelter kennel. Let's keep families fed and at home together.

The COVID-19 epidemic is hitting Las Vegas hard. Job losses could more than double those of the recession from 2007-2009. Gaming and other vulnerable industries make up 30% of our workforce, making Nevada the at-risk state economy in the country. These times are even more devastating for people who were struggling prior to the crisis. Unfortunately, the economic impact will be long term. Your gift means we can continue our food distribution program as our community battles to recover in the months to come.

WE ARE VEGAS STRONG and your support matters!

Thanks to a grant from The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, Hearts Alive Village is the Disaster Relief Distribution Center for our area!